Age Play Phone Sex – Barely Legal Phone Sex – Teen Phone Sex

Age Play Phone Sex is a hugely popular fantasy with our older gents. The simple truth is, whenever guys become older and leave their youth behind many embark on the process of wanting to know what it might feel like to have a relationship with girls more than half their age, college girls, young ladies who have just celebrated their eighteenth birthday. Of course, they deal with the actual prospect that not too many girls would ever be prepared to accommodate their desires, and this is exactly where phone sex come to play! Luckily for you, there is that very young woman who a couple of weeks after her eighteenth birthday arrived to my office last month. I assumed this girl was coming in to sell candys for school, whereas it was a job she was looking for. She has worked beside me ever since and started out as a filing clerk until one day she took care of a caller’s needs.:). She has been doing that ever since and men love her. The only problem is when she has a day off!

We’ve all heard of the cute young lady next door who charms her friends and neighbors. It’s a popular fantasy, the lamentation youth gone by and the promises that didn’t come true. People who grow old often times come to miss the times gone by more acutely than they should. Age Play Phone Sex is a usual topic of conversation numerous older men however it is not at all common that the women who role play the role of the 18 year old inexperienced girl fresh out of high school are of the age that they say they are. This is the reason I am really lucky that indeed I have a few, age 18, 19 and 20 years old. And boy, are these girls popular with you guys!

When any one of my sex chat girls take a day off, and particularly when the girl is highly sought after by more mature callers, I know that calls that would be coming for the girl who has a day off will have to be spread around the others. As I have said many times, phone sex provides a unique possibility to explore all kinds of fantasies safely. A scenario that puts in place an older man with a young girl is entirely possible since it involves a discussion between two consenting adults, both of whom are always going to be over the age of 18. So when I received a call the other day from one of the few girls within the age bracket of 18 to 21 I knew I would be in for some interesting challenges. And true to form, the moment I had put the phone down, men were already calling in to speak to the now “missing” girl :

Yesterday I spoke to a girl who was NINETEEN yr old. Can I speak with her?

And just like that, I was reminded that luckily for me, I have more than just the one barely legal girl!

Tease and Denial: Try Phone Sex And See What You Have Been Missing!

Hello there future caller! 🙂 Let me introduce myself to you and you only!!! My name is Cindy and I have been making men come over the phone for over 5 years now! Many people seem surprised whn I tell them what I do to earn a living which is usually:

  • I love the freedom

Of course, the above is true and I cannot deny that there is that incentive for me to be in the phone sex business.  However beyond all monetary considerations, the simple reason is that:

I am a very sexual young woman and I need the daily physical releases that an orgasm gives me. Of course, I also love to share my sexuality with my callers, and the sound of their own orgasms is something that I cannot really describe! Suffice to say that I just love it!

One thing that I particularly enjoy is Tease and Denial Phone Sex, and I have to say, I have become really good at it. I love being able to turn a man to such an extent that all he wants to do is to get that hard and throbbing cock of his to come all over the place. But taking him to the edges of orgasm and then back again is exactly where fun begins for me! I guess I was borne a natural cock teaser! 🙂

I can do this for hours on hand, taking you to the point of orgasm and then back down again and love the feeling I get of dominating you to such an extend that I am the one deciding when you are allowed to come.

Over time, as a phone sex girl I have developped a clientelle of men who’s orgasms I control exclusively. Some of these callers are married men and it is common for me to forbid them from allowing their wife to touch them during sex. They are to please her completely of course, but under no circumstance allow themselves to be pleasured by them!

Of course, callers have unique needs and requirement and I am always eager to apply my Tease and Denial Phone Sex sessions so as to fit with their own lifestyle.